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International Political Economy Research Group annual workshop

May 11, 2023 - May 12, 2023

11th -12th May 2023 King’s College London
With the support of the International Political Economy Research Group, Department of European and International Studies, King’s College London
Capitalism, imperialism, and patriarchy have always produced and have fed upon crises. Yet the multilayered and mutually amplifying crises we currently face are felt and suffered even more urgently, laying bare the interconnectedness between economic, geopolitical, environmental, and social dimensions. The threat and reality of ‘permacrisis’ reminds us of the need to build bridges across disciplinary and conceptual divides and in material terms. Because of its inherent cross-disciplinary vocation, International Political Economy is ideally placed to provide a space for these conversations and practices. The 2023 BISA IPEG annual workshop, will unpack the historical drivers of these crises, discuss their obvious and hidden connections, highlight their uneven impacts, and build new forms of solidarity to render what seems permanent, temporary. What are new conceptualisations that allow us to see the politics of the current disjuncture? How can we create the space to build alternatives? How can we resist the forces we know lead to crises? What is the role of IPE and academia in allowing us to change and transcend capitalist dynamics in its gendered, classed, and racialised forms? But how do IPE and HE in fact perpetuate what we seek to dismantle? What can IPE learn from other disciplines?